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Cleaning up a life of hoarding

Hoarding Clean Up

If you find yourself, a family member or even a friend dealing with a hoarding situation, don’t be embarrassed, it’s not due to poor organization or laziness. Compulsive hoarding is a complex anxiety disorder that makes it difficult for a person to discard or part with possessions, regardless of actual value.

Hoarders may feel the item will be useful one day or feel sentimental about it. Many have dealt with this problem their entire lives, and often only after other family members become involved is the issue addressed. In addition to excessive clutter, other serious effects of compulsive hoarding can include fire or health hazards and infestations. It also may become impossible to prepare or eat food in the home or to have appliance, electrical or plumbing repairs conducted because service technicians cannot enter the home.

ServiceMaster Restore Hoarding Services:

• Remove clutter and clean up debris

• Help locate lost jewelry, hidden money and/or other valuable items

• Coordinate recycling and shredding

• Help distribute donations

• Assist in distributing kept items to family members (local and national)

• Facilitate paperwork required by government agencies, lawyers and trusts

Helping Families Deal with Hoarding

A home affected by hoarding can be dangerous, unhealthy or both—and dramatic action is required to address the problem and help the customer get on the road to recovery. Not only does it require experts who can navigate the issues, but also people who treat each customer like a member of the family. For an understanding, professional approach to helping solve a serious problem, we are your trusted choice.

At ServiceMaster Restore, we have more than 60 years’ experience in all types of professional cleaning and disaster recovery. We’ve dealt with every kind of critical restoration situation, and our expertise, proven methods and extensive national network give us the ability to handle the toughest job. Plus, our experience working with families facing restoration challenges has taught us that we are not just restoring homes, we are restoring lives. So from the moment we walk in the door, we treat each person and their possessions with care and attention

A Proven Process

Step 1: Understanding

• Connecting with the hoarder and understanding what caused the problem

• Working with the family and appropriate support professionals

• Taking time to earn the trust of the hoarder

Step 2: Planning and Cleaning

• Develop a cleaning plan

• Sorting, organizing and cleaning with the hoarder

• Arranging for items to be cleaned, donated, recycled, stored or disposed of

• Working directly with the individual and family for a successful outcome

Step3: Follow-Up

• Encourage aftercare to ensure that cleaning and the commitment to change continues

• Short-term contact with the customer