Tornado Damage Clean-Up

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Recovering From A Tornado Tornados can strike at any time and without warning. Tornados can devastate your neighborhood, tearing off roofs, breaking windows, and destroying homes. This often leaves your property and belongings exposed to the elements.… Read More »Tornado Damage Clean-Up

Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

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1. Make a cleaning tote to save time. 

Make a cleaning tote to make things easier for the holiday.

You’ll want to grab a couple of caddies and fill it with all of your favorite cleaning supplies. Place one in each room of your house. No more running all over to find the things that you need. Plus having everything in one place will save a ton of time.  Cleaning wipes, disinfecting sprays and microfiber cloths are a just few items that I would recommend having on hand.

2. Use dryer sheets to dust and clean.

The anti-static chemicals in dryer sheets work wonderfully to repel dust. Grab a few sheets to dust your baseboards as well as your furniture to keep them dust free. They also work really well to clean your chrome faucets.

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