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The Top 6 causes of Water Damage

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Water damage occurs whenever water begins to collect someplace it shouldn’t. No matter what the reason may be, you need to act fast! Contact ServiceMaster for all your water damage restoration needs, and let our team of professionals clean up the mess. Continue reading to learn what the top causes of water damage are in most homes.

1. Leaking Pipes

Pipes can burst or begin leaking due to a number of reason, so keep them in mind when preventing water damage. A backed up toilet, old rusty pipes, and damaged garbage disposal are all examples of issues that can lead to a serious pipe leak. Check for these damages frequently.

2. Plumbing Problems

Doing a periodic check of the pipes under your sink may help you prevent water damage in the future, as many issues happen when the hoses and pipe joints are not fully attached. (more…)

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Preparedness

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Dear Valued Customers,

ServiceMaster Restoration is always ready to help you, during your time in need.   We are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Joaquin for the areas we service.

Weather you are affected by the weather or not, create an emergency plan for you and your loved ones and your employees too.  Here are a few tips that you might need to know on what to do and what supplies you need: (more…)

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