January Monthly Home Maintenance



  • Cleaning out plumbing pipes:
    • Pour 1/2 cup of  baking soda down the drain, then 1/2 cup of white vinegar
    • Cover immediately & let sit for at 15 minutes
    • Pour 2 cups of boiling water down the drain
    • This reaction with cause the solution to bubble up & clear the pipes of grime
  • Cleaning out shower heads:
    • Mix together equal parts of white vinegar & water
    • Pour solution into a plastic bag
    • Secure the bag around the shower head, submerging the holes in the liquid
  • Cleaning out tile grout:
    • Mix together 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide & 1 tsp of dish soap
    • Apply mixture to the grout
    • Let sit for 5-10 minutes
    • Scrub with a bristled brush & rinse
  • Re-caulking damaged areas:
    • Remove broken or moldy caulk. Re-caulk to keep them surfaces secure from water damage


Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

1. Make a cleaning tote to save time. 

Make a cleaning tote to make things easier for the holiday.

You’ll want to grab a couple of caddies and fill it with all of your favorite cleaning supplies. Place one in each room of your house. No more running all over to find the things that you need. Plus having everything in one place will save a ton of time.  Cleaning wipes, disinfecting sprays and microfiber cloths are a just few items that I would recommend having on hand.

2. Use dryer sheets to dust and clean.

The anti-static chemicals in dryer sheets work wonderfully to repel dust. Grab a few sheets to dust your baseboards as well as your furniture to keep them dust free. They also work really well to clean your chrome faucets.

3. Get rid of smells from your garbage disposal by cleaning the flanges. 

For the holidays, don't forget to clean your garbage disposal!

If you have an offensive smell coming from your kitchen, one of the culprits may very well be your garbage disposal. Make sure to lift the flanges and scrub away any grime with a toothbrush dipped in white vinegar or baking soda as well as run a cycle of hot water, baking soda and lemon peels through your disposal.

4. Add a few drops of vanilla extract to your HVAC filters.

Add drops of essential oil to your air vents to make your home smell amazing with little effort.

Or you can use a few drops of your favorite essential oil or any other scent to you air filters every couple of weeks to make your home smell lovely with little to no effort.

5. Clip Febreze car vent air fresheners to the your shower curtain in your bathroom.

If you have a few guests coming over for the holidays there’s the likelihood that your bathroom will receive high traffic.  As a favor to your guest discreetly place Febreze car vents clips on the shower curtain to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

6. Use a barbicide container filled with your favorite cleaning solution to keep your toilet brush clean.

Use a barbicide container filled with disinfectant to house your toilet brush. This is genius!

Banish your stinky toilet brush forever with one of those incredible hack. Instead of housing your brush in the container they come with opt to use a cosmetic barbicide container. Fill it with 1/4 of cleaning solution and you’ll never have to worry about a smelly brush again.

7. Use olive or baby oil to shine your stainless steel appliances.

Keep you stainless steel appliances extremely shiny and fingerprint free by using a small bit of baby oil and a microfiber cloth to buff it out. You can also try using a solution of olive oil mixed with a few drops of lemon essential oil for the same, if not better, effect.

8. Clean your oven overnight with ammonia, no scrubbing required. 

clean you oven overnight with ammonia. No scrubbing required.

Simply heat your oven to 200°F and then turn oven off. Place a dish of ammonia on top oven rack and a dish of boiling water underneath. Close oven door and let sit overnight. When you wake, simply wipe your oven clean.

9. Use coffee grounds to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh

After making your morning joe, drain the water from your used coffee grounds and place inside of a small dish. Leave this in your fridge to absorb smells.

10. Keep your refrigerator clean by lining the shelves with wax paper. 

Use wax paper to line your refrigerator shelves to keep them clean !

Wax paper is inexpensive and very easy to use. Simply cut and tape wax paper to your refrigerator shelves to keep them clean and grime free.

11. Remove baked on grease from your cookie sheets and pans with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. 

If you plan on cooking for the holidays, breathe new life into your pans that have baked grease on them by sprinkling the problem areas with baking soda. Spray with hydrogen peroxide and use Brillo pads to scrub.

12. Place a 1-2 drops of vanilla extract on your light-bulbs. 

To make your home smell absolutely heavenly, place 1-2 drops of vanilla extract on your light-bulbs. Your home will fill with the aroma of fresh baked cookies.

13. Sprinkle baking soda on furniture and leave overnight to get rid of smells. 

Before heading to bed, sprinkle baking soda over your furniture and carpet. The baking soda will help absorb bad smells. In the morning, vacuum as usual.

14. Spray your windows, shower doors and mirrors with Rain-X.

Rain-X and other similar products helps prevent water stains and grime for weeks. It works wonderfully on mirrors, your shower doors and windows and will make cleaning easier. To keep these things clean for extended periods of time, spray and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

15. Use an iron to get rid of set in carpet stains.

If you want to get rid of unsightly carpet stains, simply pour a mixture of white vinegar and water on the stain. Take a towel and lay flat over it. Place your iron on the towel, while set to the highest level of steam, for a few seconds and the towel will absorb the stain.

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October’s Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist


1. Remove Exterior Hoses + Drain


2. Winterize Your AC or Swap Coolers

3. Get a Furnace Tune-up

  • Call a professional to get your furnace ready to go for the winter. A tune-up will include things like calibrating the thermostat, cleaning burners, replacing filters, tightening and cleaning electrical connections, and testing the pilot system.

4. Vacuum and Clean Furnace

  • Before you turn the heater on, make sure to clean the unit inside of your home with a clean cloth to get rid of dust and dirt. Then open the unit (always turn it off first) and vacuum the inside.

5. Clean Your Microwave


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The Top 6 causes of Water Damage

Water damage occurs whenever water begins to collect someplace it shouldn’t. No matter what the reason may be, you need to act fast! Contact ServiceMaster for all your water damage restoration needs, and let our team of professionals clean up the mess. Continue reading to learn what the top causes of water damage are in most homes.

1. Leaking Pipes

Pipes can burst or begin leaking due to a number of reason, so keep them in mind when preventing water damage. A backed up toilet, old rusty pipes, and damaged garbage disposal are all examples of issues that can lead to a serious pipe leak. Check for these damages frequently.

2. Plumbing Problems

Doing a periodic check of the pipes under your sink may help you prevent water damage in the future, as many issues happen when the hoses and pipe joints are not fully attached. (more…)

September’s Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist


Happy September everyone! Here is a checklist for you to keep that home in tip-top shape.

1. Flush Water Heater

  • Flush your water heater. This removes sediment from the bottom of your tank, and makes sure the tank lasts longer and heats up your water easier.

2. Change Anode Rod

3. Test T&P Valve

4. Inspect Heat Exchangers

  • Get your furnace inspected to make sure your heat exchangers don’t have cracks.  You can call a professional to inspect it for you, or do it yourself if you have the right tools.



*This post is brought to you by Landmark Home Warranty
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